7 Things You Can Do When You Pay Less Commission On Your Listings at FlatFeeSells.com

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    7 Things You Can Do When You Pay Less Commission On Your Listings at FlatFeeSells.com

    Why pay us more commission when you can take your savings and do something wonderful with it?

    Selling your home is a BIG decision and a HUGE life change. Why not ease some of the stress by saving a large amount on listing your home and put that money to good use?

    Flat Fee MLS Listings are gaining popularity and we can see why. Have you ever thought about what you could do with several thousand dollars?

    Here are a few we thought of immediately – can you relate?

    Which one of these 7 things would make you smile the most?

    7. Put Money Down on Your Next Home
    Using this extra money to make a larger downpayment on your next home can make a difference – one that you will see month after month with a lower mortgage payment.

    6. Go on a Shopping Spree
    Ok, admit it, that did cross your mind like it did ours. Who would blame you for taking a part of that savings and updating your wardrobe or buying that pair of shoes you have been eyeing?

    5. Save for Your Child’s College Fund
    Been thinking about how quickly that is coming up? Costs are rising – it’s never too early to start a pre-paid college plan and start tucking money away for those college costs.

    4. Prepay Your Car Payments for a Year
    Wouldn’t that feel great to enjoy your savings every month when you don’t have that car payment to make? That’s a no-brainer!

    3. Donate to Your Favorite Charity
    This one is our favorite – how many times have you thought to yourself…. That is a GREAT cause, I wish I could give more. Well now you can – go back and make a extra donation. Holidays are not the only time to give a charitable gift. Bless a charity of your choice with a “Christmas in July” gift that will make you both feel awesome!

    2. Apply Funds Towards Your Retirement
    This is not instant gratification, but your older self will thank you when you make that contribution to your retirement account. Don’t have one yet – maybe it is a perfect time to start one. It is never too late to start saving for down the road.

    1. Go On that Vacation You’ve Been Dreaming About
    Ahhh, this is a FUN one to dream about. But what has been holding you back from DOING instead of DREAMING? Make it a reality – plan that next vacation, book that cruise or catch the next flight to the vacation spot of your dreams!

    So, what are you waiting for – make that dream a reality and save up to 3% when you list your home with FlatFeeSells.com. Our team is available to answer your questions and get your house listed today.

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