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There is much to consider before listing your property for sale by owner. We are here to assure you that a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service like Mr Flat Fee is providing you a valuable service at an incredible price.

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to email alex@likeitrealty.com or
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1What is a Flat Fee MLS Listing?
When you are ready to sell your home, the most important place to have it listed is on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This must be done by a licensed real estate broker & REALTOR® , and typically comes at a cost of around 6% of the sale price of your property. A Flat Fee MLS Listing company gives you the benefit of exposure on the MLS for one FLAT FEE rather than a commission based fee. This can SAVE you THOUSANDS of dollars on your transaction!
2What is the MLS?
Exposure is key. The MLS is the Realtor® Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is the most powerful marketing tool available to realtors. Not only is it an exclusive listing service created for realtors to utilize while helping their clients find a home, but more importantly it is a hub for all the important information about a property to be gathered in one spot. It is from here that other sites will gather the property data and display it on their sites as well (such as Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com and over 90 more real estate sites). If you want to sell your home, your property needs to be out there to be seen!
3How is MrFlatFee.com different than other Flat Fee Listing Companies?
One thing that keeps our clients coming back and referring friends, is our stellar customer service. To us, that is very important and this is where many companies fall behind. Our low price does not mean no service! MrFlatFee.com is also locally owned and operated – right here in Ellenton, Florida. We are not a listing mill from another state that sells your listing to another Florida broker. When you list with us, your listing stays with us. We are not a national firm, where clients become a number. We pride ourselves in handling each one of our listings and entering them ourselves.
4Are you a licensed real estate broker?
YES! We are a local family owned and operated listing company. Our brokerage, Like It Realty, was formed in 2010 and our co-founders, Lenny Longo & Wes Eaves, have over 18 combined years experience in the Florida Real Estate market, helping local clients save money on their real estate transactions. We have bought and sold millions of dollars of real estate and we have dedicated our careers to furthering our education and expanding our services to serve our customers. Broker, Lenny Longo, has a Masters Degree in Real Estate, has a diverse portfolio in both residential and commercial real estate investments, while also maintaining a mortgage loan originator's license which assists clients with valuable financial knowledge to utilize during client negotiations.
5Where will my listings be seen?
In addition to being listed in the MLS, your listing will also be syndicated to Realtor.com® and over 90 other of our partner sites. A few of these include Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, as well as on real estate sites like Coldwell Banker®, RE/MAX®, Keller Williams®, Zip Realty®, Century 21® which are popular places for buyers to look when buying their new home. WATCH VIDEO HERE:

6How long will it take until my listing becomes active on the MLS and 3rd party sites?
Once all property information, photos and documents are signed and submitted by a client, your listing will be reviewed by a Florida Licensed Real Estate Agent once submitted. Your property will be listed on your local MLS within 24-48 hours. We will send you an email when it is complete. It usually will take a day or two for the partner sites to pick up your listing after it has gone live on the MLS.

When will my listing be up on the MLS?:

When will my listing be up on 3rd party sites?:

7How many pictures can I display in my listing?
A picture is worth a thousand words! The MLS (Central FL) allows a maximum of up to 25 pictures to be posted with a property’s MLS Listing. If your property is located in South FL, you are allowed a maximum of up to 35 pictures. The first photo displayed must be of the front exterior of the property.
8How will potential buyers contact me about my listing?
Interested buyers will contact us directly so we can schedule a time for you to show your property at a convenient time for you. We will be listed as your Listing Broker on the MLS (only licensed real estate agents & REALTORS® can list properties on the MLS), we will add your contact information and any other special showing instructions or lockbox access information.
9What type of Listing Agreement do we have with you?
Our flat fee MLS listing consists of an exclusive right of sale listing agreement where Like It Realty, in a transaction broker relationship, agrees to make diligent and continued efforts to sell your property until a sales contract is pending. As a transaction broker, Like It Realty will deal honestly and fairly; will account for all funds; will use skill, care, and diligence in the transaction; will disclose all known facts that materially affect the value of the residential property which are not readily observable to the buyer; will present all offers and counteroffers in a timely manner unless directed otherwise in writing; and will have limited confidentiality with seller unless waived in writing.
10If a Realtor finds a buyer for my property, how much commission do I need to pay?
While our fee is a flat rate up front, you get to decide how much to offer a Buyer’s agent as a commission if they are to bring a buyer to you – traditionally it is 3% of the purchase price. Per the MLS rules, we are not able to have a listing in which a commission to the buyer’s agent is not offered.
11Am I able to cancel my listing if needed?
Yes, you may cancel your MLS listing at any time. IN THE EVENT SELLER CANCELS OR TERMINATES AGREEMENT BEFORE TERMINATION DATE, SELLER AGREES TO REIMBURSE LIKE IT REALTY $500 FOR MARKETING EXPENSES (which typically include professional photos, signage, lockbox and marketing). You will simply fill out an Update Listing form on our website. CLICK HERE for this form.

If you decide that a flat fee listing is not the right selling option for you, or perhaps you need a little more help with the marketing and sale of your property, we do offer traditional listing services in most areas.
12Can I make updates to my listing?
Of course! Anytime you have a change to your listing, you can easily submit it to us via our “Update Listing” form on our website. CLICK HERE for form.

13How long does it take for my listing to show up on other syndicated (3rd party) websites?
Although your listing is ACTIVE immediately in your local MLS, other syndicated (3rd party) websites take a little bit longer to pull your listing data from the MLS. These syndicated websites can update anywhere from a few hours to 1-2 business days to pull data from the MLS.

While we can guarantee and maintain the accuracy of your listing in the MLS, we aren’t able to control the data or format that these websites display their listings.

Don’t worry, we make sure that not only is your listing placed in your local MLS, but that the settings in your MLS listing are set correctly to allow these websites to access the data they need.

Syndicated Sites Video:

14What if a buyer that isn’t represented by a Real Estate Agent views my property on a 3rd party site such as Realtor.com or Zillow and wants to schedule a showing or obtain more information?
If a non-represented buyer somehow buys your property we would be due 3% as it would require us to assist with the transaction in more than just the listing capacity.

If a non-represented buyer contacts us we may eventually represent buyer so that they may be able to put an offer on your property. In this scenario we would be paid the commission you agreed to pay an agent who found you a buyer.

Please note that some of these syndicated websites allow a potential buyer to pick from a list of agents that have paid a website for leads while other syndicated websites will auto-assign to a specific agent in the area. Each of their business models are different in how they disperse these types of leads!
15Does Like It Realty earn a commission when my home is sold?
Our goal is to save seller’s money and to date we have saved sellers over $6 Million in commissions! We do this by keeping our seller’s costs VERY low!

Pay nothing up front when you list - only $3,000 when property sells! In the event that you need to cancel your listing before the termination date, seller will reimburse Like It Realty $500 for marketing expenses (which typically include professional photos, signage, lockbox and marketing).

*For homes over $1 Million Dollars we charge a 1% listing commission.
16Do you provide Real Estate forms and what do you charge?
When we list your property we provide you all of the forms that are necessary for compliance and to get your property sold quickly. This typically includes contracts, HOA addendums, seller disclosures, lead based paint disclosures etc.
17Will other REALTORS® show my property if it’s listed as a flat fee listing?
ABSOLUTELY! As a matter of fact, nowhere on your listing does it indicate that you listed with a flat fee listing service.Your listing will be listed under our Brokerage of Like It Realty, which is displayed to buyer agents and brokers as a traditional transaction brokerage listing agreement. We sell, on average, double, the number of properties (every month) that most agents sell in a YEAR! Check out our property display page!
18Do you provide a lock box and yard sign?
Yes, we recommend using the tools that REALTORS® use. You can select a FREE lock box and yard sign directly through our Listing Accessories page by clicking HERE.

Our Real Estate sign offers a professional look and generates many more calls, and also lets buyer agents know that your property is listed in the MLS and that a commission is being offered to them.

A lock box allows REALTORS® easy access to show the property to their buyers (which they love!). We can also enter the lock box code in the MLS, where only licensed REALTORS® will have access to it.

You can have them shipped directly to you in 2 business days. CLICK HERE to get yours now!
19What is a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and do I need one?
A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a resource that REALTORS® use to evaluate the prices of similar homes (comparables) in your area and to determine the market value. CMAs provide you with an unbiased opinion of your property’s value. We provide you with a FREE CMA, so that we're well equipped to price your property, to provide you the best opportunity to sell your home for the right price.

20Do you offer contract review once I receive an offer?
YES!  Comprehensive sales contract reviews are available by our licensed and insured agents.  The review will be done within 24 hours of being uploaded or emailed to alex@likeitrealty.com and feedback and suggestions will be provided to the client for consideration.  This includes a client phone consultation.

We will help you avoid potential pitfalls that can save you thousands of dollars!
21Can I use a virtual tour?
Absolutely!!  We encourage the use of any marketing tools that assist in showing your home in the best way!  You can either use your own virtual tour or we can provide a virtual tour utilizing the photos that you provide.  If you’d like us to review your virtual tour to ensure it’s compliant to post to your MLS listing or you’d like us to create one for you, FOR FREE, please click HERE.

Please remember that if you’re providing your own virtual tour, it MUST comply with the requirements of the MLS.

Virtual tours may not contain company logos, commissions, bonuses, contact information, text or graphics of any kind (with the exception of the MLS watermark) in the virtual tour. Only photographs, site plot, property sketch, property line art or survey of the property can be entered in the virtual tour and all photo fields. All content including remarks, virtual tour photos and images must be owned, purchased or licensed by the listing broker/agent, from the content owner. The virtual tour link must be a valid URL and may not contain any Participant/Subscriber names or links to any third party business or social networking sites.
22What if I have a question that isn’t listed here?
Please feel free to contact us, we’re always just an email or phone call away and we’re happy to assist!  You can even chat with us right on our website.
23How does our $3,000 Flat Fee Work?
There are many costs in a traditional real estate transaction. A 3% listing agent commission, a 3% buyer agent commission and of course all of the closing fees. What Like It Realty does is help save you money on the listing agent commission. Why pay 3% to us when you can simply pay us $3,000. Keep in mind though, you are still responsible for paying a buyer's agent who brings you a qualified buyer through closing.

*For homes over $1 Million Dollars we charge a 1% listing commission.
24When will Like It Realty earn the $3,000 flat fee commission?
Like It Realty will only earn your commission when we fully sell your property at the closing table!

*For homes over $1 Million Dollars we charge a 1% listing commission.
25Will other Realtors avoid my listing because it's listed Flat Fee with you?
Absolutely not! Buyer's agents will see this listing no different than any other listing. They are not legally allowed to see what you are paying Like It Realty. They will be looking for what you are choosing to pay them once they bring you a qualified buyer through closing. Like It Realty recommends setting buyer's agents commission to a motivating payout as they are doing most of the work. It's in your best interest to have a motivated buyer's agent showing your property.
26How does Like It Realty market it's Mr Flat Fee listings?
In addition to the MLS, all of our listings are syndicated to hundreds of national websites, including Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com and Realtor.com. Our syndication partners guarantee high visibility for our listings. Most buyers will be searching online for your home online! Don't forget, your listing also comes with a traditional yard sign--buyers will be driving by and seeing you are listed with a Realtor (not a discount Realtor either)!
27How long has Like It Realty been in business?
Like It Realty has been open since 2010, almost 10 years now! Check out our amazing 5-Star Google and Facebook reviews, as well as our Better Business Bureau rating!
28What are we missing if we use Mr Flat Fee?
We will not be coming over to shake your hand, we will leave that to traditional agents who have a more expensive handshake. We do not do open houses. We can announce them in the MLS for you and advertise them, however, you would have to hold them yourselves. We do send a professional photographer to your home though!
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